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    Aristotle Health

    Your Health. In Your Hands.

Aristotle Health, Inc. has been partnering with major provider institutions and local facilities in order to increase the possibilities of patient and provider remote communication, bridging the price transparency gap that exists in the field, and promoting mobile health communities to take charge of their relationships and health information.


Health Communication

With the HealthForceTM mobile application, Aristotle Health has allowed patients to communicate with Providers on their own terms. Providers have signed up for HealthForce to allow their patients and users better access to information from home and on the go, HIPAA secure networks to share wisdom and experiences, and a direct link to doctors and staff.

Health Exchange

Aristotle Health and our products are meant to give power to you and your healthcare, through your mobile device. Exchanging information with others who access care that is meaningful to you as well is important in healthcare where information is still notoriously difficult to access.

Health Pricing

Do you know how much your healthcare should cost? Is it easy to access information before it is too late and you are left with the bill? Aristotle Health is committed to bringing U.S. pricing in the industry to you. Download CareCheck the app and discover pricing information and help our database learn from your experiences.

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